Men's Fish and Hike

July 17-19, 2015
Cost: $100

Wapiabi-CreekCalling all anglers and outdoor enthusiast. This moderate 6 km hike from our staging area will take us up Wapiabi creek where we will camp for two nights. From Here we will have several for fishing including Sunkay Creek, Wapiabi Creek and and Sunkay Lake. There will also be several day hike options available including. Sulphur Canyon, A Look out and a few scrambles. Each Morning and evening we will enjoy a devotional and discussion time. This time of adventure will be filled with great comradery, encouragement in our faith and lots of laughs!


Jon DrebertJon Drebert has led the men's hiking trips. His experience and knowledge of back country hiking will be sure to get everyone to their destinations and back again with great experiences. 


Individuals are to bring lunch, snacks and powdered drinks for themselves. Covenant Bay will provide breakfast and supper meals. The hiking group will be divided into 4 cooking groups. Each cooking group will cook 2 or 3 meals for the larger group. Thus reducing the number of stoves and pots and work making food!

Equipment and packing

Wapiabi GapPlease take a read through the packing list. Covenant Bay has packs that you may reserve if you do not have one or don't feel confident in your own pack. Please ensure that your equipment and pack are adequate. It is difficult if not impossible to repair anything that breaks or simply is not working well. Try not to exceed 20% of your bodies weight for your pack weight. This means a 200 lb man should try to keep his pack under 40lbs. If you are overweight than you will need to adjust the formula to ensure fatigue does not become an issue on the hike.

Sunkay Lake


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