Accommodation Lodge 1

New Accommodations Lodge

To be serving in a year round capacity by Fall of 2018.


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Why should this happen?

We exist to promote a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We sense God leading us to do more for his kingdom and we want to be obedient followers of Christ.

How will this happen?

Build a year round Accommodations Lodge to accomodate winter ministry. Expand programming to make a seemless transition into winter programming. Invite individuals and organizations to lend their support

Who will this impact?

This will impact campers as we expand our programming and facility, Covenant Bay supporters as we invite more people to join and local communities as we continue to invite families to join in our programming and grow in relationship with Christ.

When did this start and when will it end?

In 2009 we began to ask questions and after many conversations and consulting our membership we came up with the direction you see today.

In 2010 we developed a document that outlined the current state of our facility and proposed construction projects that will be tools in the fulfilment of our purpose and vision. This plan has three phases and with the majority of the projects in phase 1 completed we only have our last and biggest project to complete.

  • Upgrade to bathrooms
  • Install new septic tank
  • Install new water lines below frost line
  • 2016
    Hired Design and Build Firm - Tricon

    Begin Accommodation Lodge construction

    Fall of 2018
    Complete Building

Year Round Ministry

Covenant Bay will use the new Accommodations Lodge to transition into year round ministry. The facility will be used to promote a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This will be done by renting the facility to groups with similar purposes and to groups such as schools to help promote our own programming. Additionally we will continue to promote a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by providing retreats, camps and other programs throughout the year. To learn more about the operational plan that transitions Covenant Bay to year round ministry please contact our office at

Building Description

The Accommodations Lodge will be two stories with a full basement with approximately 10,000 square feet of space to enjoy! As you enter the building from the main entrance you will walk into the foyer, with reception office, sitting area and coffee corner. Down the each wing are hotel like rooms with bathrooms. There are 6 of these rooms on the main floor and another 2 in the basement.

The top floor will have 6 cabin style rooms each with 8 bunks and a queen bed. In the centre will be two washrooms complete with showers.

The Basement will have 2 hotel like rooms, a meeting room, dining area, small kitchen, storage and utility rooms.

The accommodations Lodge will have a total of 70 beds and will be able to seat 40 in the dining area. A walkout style basement will allow guests to step onto a patio from the basement floor looking out toward the lake. The main floor will have a deck on the lake side which will cover the patio below.

What is the cost?

The original estimate for this building is $1,500,000. We are working at reducing these costs through design changes and using volunteers.

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