An unforgettable camp experience starts right here.

Your donation helps new and returning campers make camp memories that last a lifetime.

We want camp to be the best it can be.

With your help, we can offer more kids the chance to learn, play, and grow in an environment that fosters independence, resilience, and a growing relationship with Jesus.

Every child needs to hear the message about Jesus. Your donation ensures that no child is turned away from summer camp due to financial hardship.

Your impact:

Relationship with Jesus

Your contribution ensures campers will be mentored by cabin leaders and other staff. These relationships establish a sense of belonging and belief in God!


Your donation will diversify the camp’s programs. The fun and joy children find is through the unique activities that campers participate in. It is during these activities that mentoring happens!


Your generosity brings vital upgrades like a brand-new lodge and a larger and more functional dining hall. These enhancements improve the camper’s experience and ensure a great space for decades to come.

Consider Investing

Will you join us in making a difference? Your contribution is more than a gift; it’s an investment. 

The Power of Your Gift:

  • When we combine your investment with adult mentors and a strategy to reach young people, lives will be changed.
  • Your commitment to this mission searves as a beacon that encourages others to follow suit. 
Together, we can ensure that young people will grow in a relationship with Jesus for years to come.