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Invest in youth

Work with Holly as she endeavors to guide young people in developing a closer relationship with Jesus.

Young people with no Christian mentor have little chance of finding Christ.

Youth with a mentor discover the love of God and grow in a relationship with him!

It’s heartbreaking to see young people far from Christ! 

By resourcing and equiping great mentors like Holly we will begin to make a difference in the lives of young people. 

I love how Holly brings a contagious excitement to camp and to conversations about God. She cares very deeply about the welfare of those around her.
Age - 18

Youth, Mentors & Hope

At Covenant Bay we know that you want to see more youth growing in a relationship with Jesus. For this to happen mentors need to come along side young people. The problem is not enough mentoring is happening, this is troubling.

No young person should be without a Christian mentor. 

We understand your heartache, we feel it too. That’s why we are inviting you to partner with Holly. First, donate to Holly’s fundraising campaign. Second, pray with Holly for the young people she is impacting. Third, encourage others to partner with Holly. 

Partner today to help young people step out of the destructive darkness of this world and into the wonderful light of God’s goodness. 

Updates From Holly

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Interview with Holly Ferguson

Learn more about Holly's story and thoughts about youth ministry.

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