We want every young person to be able to attend summer camp; this is why we will implement a new fee structure on all registrations for summer 2023. This structure will give families the option to choose the amount they are able to pay for camp.

Registrants may choose one of four payment options during the registration process; those options include 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25% of the full cost of attending camp. Donations will cover any expenses not covered by fees collected at registration.


The full cost of a camp session for an individual from Monday to Friday is $640.

Transparency and generosity are important to us. This new fee structure will accurately communicate the costs of summer camp and allow families to pay the amount that fits their financial situation.


Any family needing financial aid may request this within “Step 3” of the registration process, then they will be asked to fill out a form within “Step 5” of the registration process to request additional help with camp fees.
Camp registration opens on February 1st.