Youth Ministry

Planning Workshop

Hey youth leaders, we know you have a lot of passion to see kids discover Jesus and grow closer to him. Trouble is planning takes a lot of work and for some, it is not fun.

We’ve got you! Join a group of youth leaders for this summer for a two part workshop. You will collaborate to create a youth ministry plan for the entire year!

July 22, 2023 & August 19, 2023

Time: 9am - 3pm
Cost: Free

We will bring the snacks and drinks, and you may bring a bagged lunch.

At this event, you'll collaborate and produce:

Growth Map

You will map out the spiritual development of students with the specific opportunities that will help them take that journey.


With other volunteers, you will outline the teaching material you will curate or develop to help students journey through the growth map.

Weekly/Monthly Programs

You will outline what recurring events, activities, and actions that will help students take their next step in the journey.


You will plan or source special events that will help students go deeper.

Development and Connection

Youth Team
To get and keep the people needed, you will develop a plan to recruit, train, and care for them. Additionally, you will create role descriptions to meet the needs of the youth ministry.

You will create a plan to stay engaged with parents, grandparents and others keenly interested in seeing young family members grow.

Ministry Partners
You will create a plan to thank and engage those who support the youth ministry. (donors, prayer partners, volunteers etc.)


Using a template, you will create the necessary budget and talking points to present your request and plan to your church leadership.


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