If braided bracelets are your jam, or painting, art, or photography, this is where you belong! (at least for a part of your day!)


Rock Painting

Get ready to rock and roll with our fantastic Rock Painting Party! Unleash your inner artist and join us for a colorful adventure as we transform ordinary rocks into extraordinary masterpieces. Grab your paintbrush, don your smock, and let your creativity soar as you bring these smooth canvases to life.

Whether you choose whimsical patterns, adorable critters, or inspiring messages, each rock will be a unique work of art! Get ready to leave no stone unturned in this fun-filled, rockin’ art extravaganza!

Friendship Bracelets

Get on your creative hat and join us for bracelet making! This activity allows campers to connect with others and embrace their creative side in a laid-back environment. Not to mention create some amazing friendship bracelets they can exchange with others!

Birdhouse Painting

Join us for a delightful and creative Bird House Painting Activity! This engaging event provides a perfect opportunity for campers to unleash their artistic talents while contributing to our feathered friends’ well-being.

Pine Cone Roses

Learn how to create beautiful roses using materials found within the forest!  This engaging activity provides a perfect opportunity for kids to unleash their artistic talents and connect with nature.


Our activities are selected daily based on camper interest. Each camper has the option to choose their top three Experiences for the duration of camp. We cannot guarantee that campers will be able to participate in all of the Activities they wish during this Experience, however, we try our best to make this possible! Certain activities (including water sports and outdoor sports) are weather-dependent and will also be determined based on the conditions of the lake.