Gymnasium Project

Let us know if you’re able to donate your time and skills to our gymnasium project.

Gymnasium Labor Donation

Covenant Bay plans to improve the Big Tab, also known as the Activity Building or Gymnasium. Our goal is to turn this building into a true Gymnasium. That means installing a heat source, insulation, lights, flooring, and plywood for the walls.
These changes will make our facility more attractive to groups for renting and will serve our campers and guests much better. This will help us generate more income, specifically from facility rentals. 
You are probably wondering how much this will cost and where the money will come from. Covenant Bay Bible Camp is applying for funding through the CFEP grant program to winterize and upgrade the gymnasium (big tab, activity building). This will include insulating, installing a heat source, lights, plywood on the walls, and new flooring. We hope to have grant funding in place within the next 6 months to proceed.Some of the grants are matching, meaning they will match up to 50% of the project’s costs. Along with cash, volunteer labour can be used to help match. The following is the value of volunteer labour one of the granting organizations has established.
  • $20/hour for unskilled Labor
  • $35/hour for skilled labour (qualified trades and professionals specific to components of a project)
  • $70/hour for heavy equipment with operator