Cell Phone Use Structure

Below is a Structure of Use regarding cell phones for campers and staff. 

We recognize that there is a time and need for cell phones on the property (for staff) and that we continue to focus on safety for campers and staff as our number one priority. 

Staff Usage: 

  • Staff May have their cell phones on them to use as a timepiece or method of communication during downtime or emergencies. 
  • All staff cell phones should have a locked or password-protected home screen. 
  • Cell phones should be used at a minimum around campers. 
  • No camper should get your personal phone number, social account, or email. 
  • Any photos taken of or with campers during a week of camp should be sent to the office and held on an external hard drive for marketing and communications purposes. 
  • No photos of campers should be directly posted to any staff members social media. 
  • The Director team will address a staff if cell phone use becomes problematic or distracting. 

Camper Usage: 

  • Campers should leave cell phones at home unless the parent or guardian asks explicitly otherwise. 
  • Campers that bring a cell phone will be asked to leave it with the cabin leader and store it in a safe (locked) location. 
  • Calls or text messages will be allowed under supervision at designated times during the day.

If a child does not have a cell phone and wants to contact home, we will always allow them to do so from our landline or one of the leaders’ cell phones. 

We recognize the ever-changing nature of technology and its impact on children. We want to remain in a safe space mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Removing some of the trigger points, temptations, and unknowns that come with technology can help us do this. 

If there are any further questions or comments, please feel free to email or phone to bradon@covenantbay.ca or 780-237-1616. 


Bradon Pihowich