Action Sports are for the adrenaline-driven individual! Mountain biking, volleyball, and Ultimate Frisbee are all possibilities in this activity! Created for the competitive team player who loves to stretch their sports skills!


Our beach volleyball court is always a huge hit amongst campers. Located near the lake shore, it’s a great spot for a little friendly competition.

Volleyball is not just a sport; it’s a great way to build teamwork, coordination, and have a blast under the sun. Get ready to bump, set, and spike your way to an amazing summer at Covenant Bay!


Covenant Bay is located in Pigeon Lake Provincial Park giving us superb access to biking trails. We help campers build confidence by allowing them to explore trails alongside trained staff members.


Get out on the field and let’s play a little soccer! Our large field is the perfect place to kick a ball around. Did we mention we also have a giant soccer ball?! 


Let’s play some Ultimate Frisbee! Pass to your teammates and try and throw the frisbee into your opponent’s end zone. 

But there’s a trick – you can’t run while holding the frisbee! This game is the ultimate test of teamwork.

Are you up for the challenge?

Gaga Ball

Join us in the Gaga Pit for a round of Gaga Ball! In this camp staple, it’s everyone for themselves! Try and get your opponents out by hitting them in the ankles with the ball. 

Last one standing wins! This fast-paced game is always a huge hit amongst campers.


Cool off in the lake with a quick dip! We allow our campers to swim in our lake and jump off the dock. 

This activity is dependent upon the weather and the quality of the lake water. 


We have both indoor and outdoor basketball nets giving you lots of opportunities to work on your basketball shots!


Go for the home run! Grab a bat and let’s play ball. We have bases, gloves, bats, balls, and a batting cage – and we’ll even help you organize your team.


Our activities are selected daily based on camper interest. Each camper has the option to choose their top three Experiences for the duration of camp. We cannot guarantee that campers will be able to participate in all of the Activities they wish during this Experience, however, we try our best to make this possible! Certain activities (including water sports and outdoor sports) are weather-dependent and will also be determined based on the conditions of the lake.