Test your survival skills by building fires, shelters, and more! Learn how to navigate using a compass and maps or find food in the “wild” This activity time is for the natural camper, the outdoorsy, and the wilderness enthusiast!


Shelter Building

Step into the shoes of a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world, where survival depends on the quality of your shelter. As the clock ticks away, you’ll scavenge for materials like twigs, leaves, cardboard, and ropes. Remember, every resource counts!

But it’s not just about slapping some materials together—oh no! This challenge will push your problem-solving skills to the max. You’ll need to plan, design, and communicate effectively to ensure your shelter is sturdy, weather-resistant, and comfortable. Will you build a cozy treehouse or a sturdy underground bunker? The choice is yours!

Fire Building

Learn the fundamental skills of fire building! Our staff help campers understand the science behind fire building and different techniques for building in a safe environment. 

Firebuilding is one of the most important skills for wilderness survival. Campers, this is your first step in being prepared for the wild!


Did you know that Covenant Bay is located on Pigeon Lake Provincial Park? We have access to beautiful nature trails right in our backyard. Walking through the Provincial Park and through our Prayer trails, make sure to keep an eye out for forest animals. 

Campers will learn how to use compasses to navigate and complete challenges while exploring the natural area with staff.

First Aid 101

Part of being in the wilderness is being prepared for any situation! In First Aid 101, we talk about different things that could come up, learn about being resourceful out in nature, and practice different techniques – like slings!


Our activities are selected daily based on camper interest. Each camper has the option to choose their top three Experiences for the duration of camp. We cannot guarantee that campers will be able to participate in all of the Activities they wish during this Experience, however, we try our best to make this possible! Certain activities (including water sports and outdoor sports) are weather-dependent and will also be determined based on the conditions of the lake.