Workday Alternative

Since we can’t get together in large groups and we still have work projects we will let you book a time with Keith Nelson our Facilities Director to come and volunteer. Below are a few guidelines that we ask each for volunteers and below that a list of projects that need some attention.

Elevate Program

The Leadership Investment Program provides opportunities for students aged 14-17 to learn to live as disciples. By living in a community, serving in ministry, and receiving instruction in discipleship, participants will grow in a relationship with Jesus living as his disciples. All of this is led by program coordinators whose aim is to empower the participants to develop!

Cabin / Tent Leader

Cabin / Tent Leader Apply Now Covenant Bay is in search of Christian men and women who are able to lead children and youth in a relationship with Jesus. Cabin / Tent Leaders must be 18 or older, have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, are energetic, and enjoy working with young people. There are…