Interview with David

We thought it would be good for you to get to know David Ewing a bit better. Read through his responses to some interesting questions.

Why do you invest so much time and love into young people?

As a youth, I was blessed to have great mentors who were willing to walk alongside and teach me. I realize just how much need there is for caring adults who can walk alongside our youth. I benefited from adults who mentored me and poured into my life as a teen. That mentoring helped me recognize the call in my life to serve and to minister to young people.

What do you hope to get out of an internship at Covenant Bay?

I hope to continue to grow and learn more about leadership. I am excited to continue to be a part of a ministry that shares and supports my call to care for young people and young leaders. 

What else will you be doing this fall?

I will also be working in a part-time capacity at Malmo Mission Covenant Church in a youth pastor position. This role is an opportunity to continue relationships with many of the youth we serve at camp. I will also be driving a school bus route. 

Where or in what capacity do you see yourself serving after school/next 3-5 years?

My hope someday is to step into full-time pastoral ministry. I hope to continue to be involved with local camps while serving at the church I end up being called to. I’ve always had a heart for small church ministry. I have enjoyed connecting that passion with a newer heart for camp ministry. It raises unique opportunities to minister to youth from many places and faith backgrounds.

Share the story about your call to ministry.

My own call to vocational ministry came about 5 years ago. I had been pursuing a different career and had encountered some unexpected barriers on my path toward that, leaving me in a place of uncertainty. In that place, several people spoke into my life and encouraged me to consider entering into ministry. Over the next few months, God softened my heart and helped me to see that I I had gifts for teaching. God challenged me to use that for his ministry and his purposes. Since then I have entered into a program to study the bible and youth ministry and worked as an intern at my church. These things have equipped me to better lead, and taught me more about what God had for me in my own personal faith walk.

Do people need to invest more in young people? Why or why not?

I think there is a great need to invest in young people. Too often we view youth as the church of tomorrow. We should view them as present and active members of the church today. They are developing their faith in one of the most challenging environments, school. Our young people are faced with many difficult and unique challenges. When adults mentor youth, they help them succeed in a rapidly changing and challenging culture.

When do you come to faith? Tell the story. 

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a Christian family. My journey of coming to faith in a genuine capacity began when I was 14/15. My parents got divorced, shaking much of the foundation I had for my own beliefs. I found myself with doubts and struggles. I spent a few years wrestling with this disbelief and doubts, at times feeling as though God didn’t care, or that he didn’t even exist.

I’ve joked before that I only continued to go to youth group because of the games, and because my friends were there. but whatever the reasons, I continued to go and was blessed to have leaders who showed me love and grace in this challenging time. They lived out an example of a godly life. It was these leaders, and the work that God did through them and in my heart, that led me back to Christ. I got baptized later that year and began into volunteer youth ministry at a similar time.

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