Change is a word I have not long been a fan of. However, I have started to recognize the power in which this word holds. For much, or perhaps most of my life I have cringed at the word and the subsequent thoughts that came shortly after.

Change, for me, was often a lose-lose scenario, riddled with unwanted compromise and strife.

So, one can imagine the whirlwind of thoughts that have come and gone as quickly as the stock of toilet paper at your local supermarket. As the days have passed and the comfortability of the scenario has slowly grown, I have found myself considering a rather bold question. This question has seemingly made itself at home in my head, which to be honest, may bring some welcome company in this isolated time.

The question in all its varieties boils down to something along the lines of this:

“Is there a way that all of this change can be good?”

Viewing change as temporary, although comforting, somehow doesn’t seem like an entirely true statement. This question has, of course, led me down many rabbit trails of thought. These trails seem to diverge on a commonality; The innovation of ministry. In other words, can we approach ministry through a different perspective or lens to continue to fulfill our local and global mission?

I respectfully do not have the answer to this question. I do, however, have the curiosity to allow this thought to keep me awake and pondering as the isolated nights drift by. I continue to be intrigued by the opportunity and dare I say, change that could come about once the dust settles.

Thus, my final thought and my initial response. I continue to be interested in the way the children and families are coping with this scenario. As humans, resiliency has a huge impact on the way we respond to any sort of uncertainty.

Being the Program Director at Covenant Bay  Bible Camp allows me to work beyond my single vision and consider and discern for more than just myself. I miss the connection and community that Summer Camp allows for thousands if not millions of children and youth each summer.

The Block is an initiative that I believe in. The heart behind the idea is that we can connect, serve, and build a foundation of a community if we can consider this an opportunity for us. The Block is an online resource that allows the impact of camp to be experienced from wherever you may be.

The Block is inspired by the idea of a friend around the corner, assembly of a foundation, the strength of a pillar, and the connectedness in which we thrive.

The Block is empty without the people that make it vibrant!

Visit our Website to learn more or discover our current resources! Located under online resources, titled The Block.

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