We recognize that each individual’s relationship with God is unique in its formation and growth and thus have designed our program accordingly. In light of this, the Elevate Coordinators promote growth at all levels, encourage a strong community, and foster responsibility and ownership within Covenant Bay Bible Camp’s culture.

We have designed the Elevate Program (formerly the Leadership Investment Program) for students aged 14-17. Applicants can apply for any number of weeks they wish to be a part of the program. Often campers in this program find it beneficial to take part for 2 or more weeks due to the high relational emphasis. There are limited spots available in this program, so, keep this in mind and apply early! Also, limiting space helps ensure dedicated small group conversation, learning, and faith exploration.

The program is $30.00 per week.

We will send successful applicants an invoice for the weeks they are part of the program.

The application process is slightly different this year and will be done through our new registration system. Please head to the link below and follow the registration process choosing the elevate program as you register. There is a questionnaire within that process and the applicant will be contacted in early spring for a short interview.

Weeks Available: 2022
  • Session 1: 5 – 8
  • Session 2: 11 – 15
  • Session 3: 18 – 22
  • Session 4: 25 – 27
  • Session 5: 3 – 5
  • Session 6: 8 – 12
  • Session 7: 15 – 19

Elevate Application

Applicants who are 18 and have graduated high school may apply for a paid or volunteer summer staff position. See our serve page.